Winston in my Tulip Garden, 60″x84″



OK, so full disclosure here. This isn’t Pleain Air Painting or even classic landscape painting. This one’s just for fun. It’s a portrait of my dog Winston. He’s a goofy, nearly deaf, ancient (no one knows just how old he is, maybe 15?) Boxer/English Bulldog mix, who I adopted 5 years ago from NORCAL Boxer Rescue. Winston is the name he arrived with, but I think his personality is much more like a Bruno. He’s healthy and happy and I am grateful. I had one, last, large space open on a wall and I thought this would be a humorous way to memorialize him while he’s still with me. If you think so too, prints are available with all proceeds going to NOCAL Boxer Rescue. Or, perhaps you have a funny, charming furry friend of your own you’d like to memorialize while they’re still with you. Quotes for pet portraits are available on request.


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