“It is my hope that this site will grow and evolve over time as a place where artists and authors can post new work for feedback and encouragement.”

Joan Blaisdale – Editor-in-Chief


Welcome to the STORY, an eclectic blend of word and image, illuminating contemporary culture. Stimulating your senses, the STORY is a place for ideas, innovation and transformation. Our goal is to examine how culture shapes us as a people.

At the STORY, we focus on the stories of popular culture that will get your blood surging, original fiction and art we adore, and epicurean adventures we are passionate about.

What makes the STORY unique? We are people just like you and encourage you to participate in creating the tone of this shared vision. At the STORY, we are always actively seeking innovative contributors so that we may evolve in direct response to your input.



Joan Blaisdale – Editor-in-Chief
Blaisdale began her career working up the ranks of various art and fashion magazines, rising from assistant editor to senior editor. She then blasted onto the online scene as editor at After Aesthetics, an art and culture magazine, where she made significant contributions supplying fascinating creative content to a loyal base. She’s also written for a variety of art and literary publications. Blaisdale is a graduate of NYU and currently resides with her husband Sam and Rudy the cat.

Clifford Bello – Arts & Culture
A former plumber from New Jersey, he is in the witness protection program. The FBI has him on the docket to testify any day now. The case is very hush hush. We have to move him around a lot so the defendant’s people can’t find him. Clifford is just a regular guy who wears his pants low so his belly is more comfortable. It’s a throwback to his days as a plumber, and we all know about plumber’s crack, right?

Taylor Fairchild – Op-Ed
A screaming liberal who we are proud to have on our team, Fairchild is a person of perpetual energy. A graduate of Utrecht University, in The Netherlands with a MA in Gender Studies, she has written for a variety of publications, Bitch, Feminist Review, Out, Wonkette and Jezabel to list a sampling.

J.Grace – Author / Illustrator
Five years ago, J.Grace blew up her life – changes were necessary. After selling her house and dumping everything that didn’t fit into a 10 x 12 foot storage space, she took up bartending. This not only allowed her to collect stories, but she found she actually enjoyed the work. The chance meeting of a mysterious waiter with a criminal mind, inspired her inaugural novel, Floater, the first in a series of murder mysteries, linked by one character.

Wilson Lloyd Mann – Op-Ed
A journalist for over 20 years and the author of several magazine articles and three books, Mann’s a sophisticated analyst, with a scathingly dry sense of humor. He’s too private to disclose his degree information but has thrown around names like Harvard and Cambridge in the break room. Who knows? What we know for certain is, Mann has built his career on conservatism and considers William F. Buckley a hero.

Henna Morris – Columnist, Author
As a long-time writer of erotic fiction, Morris began her career writing romance, but found it a bit too tame for her tastes. Her cutting-edge sensually styled prose keeps her readers on the edge of their toes or curling them at the least. Her latest novel Daphne Obsessed, is available through select booksellers. Her regular column, Adventures in Online Dating is not to be missed! Watch for her periodic Op Ed offerings to get her unique take on the world around us.

Zaza Napolitana – Contributor
An advice columnist with a caustic edge, Zaza gives it to you straight with no sugarcoating. When you ask for advice from her, if you’re in freefall, spiraling out of control, she’ll provide the concrete slab for you to land on, for a hard wake-up call. Zaza’s a city savvy woman from NYC so don’t mess with her, she knows people. She’s quoted often as saying, “Get it straight from the horse’s mouth. If you can’t reach the horse, put it off till you can or don’t run with strange ponies till they’re officially accepted into the heard.”

Eydie Starling – Author
As a resident of Mendon, Ohio for most of her life, Starling knows small town America first hand. She started writing in high school to pass the time during the long, hot summers. She’s a sweet geek, but underneath that cloying smile, could there be a dark side? If there is, she’s not telling. Where does she go after teaching Sunday school and then working in the nursery during the service? Home to her writing studio to plot her evil career of take-over and dominance?

Vé – Wine correspondent
After traveling the world, drinking her way across Europe and working in some of the finest vineyards in France and Italy, Vé came to the U.S. to complete her degree in Journalism at Columbia. As a writer, reviewer, editor, and world traveler she has contributed to Wine Weekly, Wine & Food Magazine, Vines to Wines and Imbibe & Savor. She will bring the flavors of the world to your fingertips as her sensory based writing makes aroma and taste come alive.

Johanna Uribes – Artist / Editor Understudy
Uribes is a mystery. The job just seemed to fall into her lap. One day Milton, our former Editor Understudy, was there and the next day he was gone. Uribes walked in later that afternoon and told us she was the new editor understudy. So how did she really get this job? We think it’s probably a case of:
A. Right place, right time, or
B. She performed humbling acts for a higher up.
No, we can see where you’re going on this one and that’s not what we meant. We’re referring to things like picking up Joan’s dry cleaning, having Joan’s car washed or giving Joan’s cat a bath – all humbling services, but hey, it got Uribes the job, at least that’s what we think. She’s not telling. She’s an enigma

Grace Wolfe – Artist
As a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, Wolfe knew early on that her creative talents would be both her doing and her undoing. Her attraction to working with toxic materials has forced her to take long periods away from art making to calm her nervous disorders. The tranquil beauty of her textural artwork belies the turmoil that lies just beneath the surface for Wolfe. Yeah right, another tortured artist bio that’s simply bogus crap. Wolfe just likes to make wacky, bumpy, snappy artwork. She’s probably happily drinking coffee in her kitchen right now somewhere in suburbia.