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Fisherman’s Wharf, Monterey, by Alan Arellano,×24/

June 25 & 26 – Although Alan chose to paint the wharf (this was after all the reason why we came here), I couldn’t resist the sunny little beach on the other side. It was such a delightful view in fact, that we went back the next day to paint again. On the first day, Alan uncharacteristically drew in all of the restaurants on the wharf, attracted by their bright colors, but getting bogged down by the perspective. Unfortunately, after he finished his drawing, he was no longer in the mood to paint. He never does this and probably should have started painting right away like he always does.

No matter, I was happily immersed in the sunlit rocks and warm greeny/brown water of the tiny beach next to the wharf. I got so involved, that despite the fact I was working on a small wood panel (only 6 by 12 inches) I couldn’t finish it that day. As it was Saturday, we decided to go back on Sunday and try it again. (see Lagoon Behind Old Fisherman’s Wharf,×12/)

This time Alan was back to his sunny self and zipped right through, slamming paint around with his usual gusto, of which I am quite jealous! I continued to carefully place my tiny marks of color slowly, but with great satisfaction. I find small paintings are like little jewels, a precious treasure when you’re finished.

The weather was warm and people were out enjoying the sun. Everyone is always so nice when they see us painting. They stop to chat for a while and are warmly supportive. We are really enjoying becoming a part of the local Monterey landscape.

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