Jack’s Peak, 20″x20″



September 4 – I painted this one on my mother’s birthday. It perfectly represents her. She was beautiful, but there is a somber note about this painting that is so like her.

It was a crazy day too because once I found my view, I saw what I thought was a tree branch that needed to be moved out of my view. I firmly  grabbed it just as I heard Alan yell, “Don’t touch that sweetie, it’s poison oak!” Letting go quickly, I argued that it was merely a tree branch. Then I looked up at the leaves that seemed to laugh at me from the top of this woody branch. I saw the now easily recognizable fire red leaves. Sly little devils, yes, of course it was poison oak. Alan told me to rinse my hands with cold water and I should be fine. Luckily, there was a public bathroom right there. Presto, with the tiny crystals quickly washed away in the icy water, I was indeed just fine. Acryic paint on wood panel.


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