floater coming soon to a bookstore near you

So, I’ll bet you’re wondering, whatever happened to that book she’s been talking about for the last couple of years. Will I ever be able to read it?

Well, the wait is nearly over! I sent final corrections to my publisher on Friday. Once they are complete, Floater will go to press!

What has taken so long, you may ask. In a word, rewrites. My editor read the original story and suggested some major changes which meant rewriting most of the book. The basic skeleton of the original concept was all that remained. While it did make the story much stronger in the end, I was initially horrified at the delay it would cause. But ever forward, I plowed through.

By the time I sent my final manuscript to the publisher there had been 5 reading and editing cycles. Still, each new addition, every edit, every single rearrangement made the story stronger and more cohesive.

I will let you know right here, as soon as Floater is on Amazon and various other online booksellers as both a print novel and ebook. I think you’re going to like this one!

To increase the anticipation of Floater’s release, I will be posting images from the original graphic novel for you to savor.

The image above is near the beginning of the story when Jaz first sees Luc.


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