tom the Phone Guy

Things were starting to blur for me in the online dating scene at this point. So, I  can’t remember the next guy’s name.

We’ll call him Tom.

So, Tom and I spent many hours typing conversations in tiny online dating site boxes about what kind of food do you like and I like this kind of music, until I thought my head would explode.

Finally, after Tom had exhausted all possible typed verbiage, he suggested a phone call. I suggested meeting in person. He said no. So, once again we spent hours talking about how many brothers and sisters he had and what his health problems were mainly because I don’t have any of either myself.

Then one day he asked me if I’d read a book called something like, The Elements of Tantric Practice. I thought Tantra had something to do with sex so I was momentarily encouraged that perhaps we were making some sort of progress. He even read me a couple of passages. I remember thinking at the time – WTF. Did you find the driest, most boring sections in a book about sex, to read to me? How is this even possible? But still, finally, we’re getting somewhere, or so I thought.

At the end of the next conversation, when I once again suggested that perhaps we should meet each other, he said he just didn’t think he was ready for that. I told him to let me know when he was ready and hung up. Never heard from dear old Tom again.

At that point I realized this online dating stuf is far more complicated than I thought it would be.

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