Bezos and Sanchez, Birds of a Feather

OK, so Jeff Bezos is not the most handsome man in the world, with his head like a cue ball, but he’s not really that bad otherwise…until you look a bit more closely. He has the John Paul Sartre eye! I did some research to see what caused it, but he has never revealed what it is. Perhaps he’s in denial. But I think that’s what makes him look so bizarre. If you spoke to him directly, which eye would you focus on? They are completely misaligned! One eye is open so far, I initially thought it might be a glass eye, but no, it’s the John Paul Sartre eye.

Bezos looks sort of OK when you see him in publicity photos by himself with no other human being to compare him to, but when you see him in pictures with his former wife, Mackensie, Bezos is an odd duck!

Bezos worked with Lauren Sanchez’s former husband, Patrick Whitesell, on a couple of projects. They were all friends. So of course, there are lots of pictures of them. When you see the three of them in pictures together, now there’s where it really shows. Bezos is a unique specimen. 

Just for the record, he’s 55 and looks it, she’s 49 and looks about 20 years younger. His wife of 25 years is a 48-year-old novelist who also looks about 20 years younger. What is it with these people? Is it something in the water!? If it is, he obviously isn’t drinking it!

Mackenzie Bezos looks to be a slightly less curvy/less spicy version of Lauren Sanchez. Talk about a type… 

But here’s the kicker, if you look closely, Lauren has almost the same weird eye as Bezos does! The eye on her right is slightly smaller/more closed than the one on her left and the irises are slightly misaligned – the same as him! Like attracts like I guess. I wonder if they instinctively knew which eye to focus on when they first met and that set the sparks to fly?

But aside from everything else, his wife, Mackensie married him just before he set up Amazon. So what, you may ask? There’s no prenup! You’ll be reading about this divorce for a long time as the haggling goes forward. That’s when all the bullshit about parting as friends goes right out the window.

But bottom line, there’s no magic here. Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez lied as they cheated on their spouses for months simply because of opportunity. We all know, what goes around comes around.

In typical fashion, people immediately start suggesting that she climbed into bed with him for the money. After all, it certainly wasn’t for his good looks. But do you really think it’s the money? She has plenty of her own. Lauren Sanchez came from poverty in Mexico and she’s a very clever woman. She likes to tell the story of how she slept in the car while her grandmother cleaned houses. She has used every gift she had and parlayed it into something bigger to get to the top – including a boat load of plastic surgery, everything from a sizable boob job and a nose job to all types of fillers and Botox injections. She is beautiful yes, but beautiful by design.

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