F-bombs to White Supremacists, a New Day in Political Campaigning


Although I now spend most of my day in a small cell with several disagreeable looking women – why wouldn’t they look that way, they’re in jail – they do let me have access to a computer for a few hours of the day. Consequently, I am making good use of this time to construct an apology.

Wearing trademark orange that is not really my color, I know I brought this on myself and should not have lost my temper with the hypocritical, conservative looney with whom I share an office. We live in a time where tolerance is vital, almost mandatory. So, for my lack of acceptance I am truly sorry. If everyone simply lost their mind the way I did, we would have a world filled with chaos and that will not make things better. But just for the record, it was not my gun. I pointed Wilson Mann’s own gun at him. You have to wonder, why did he have a loaded gun sitting on his desk?

That obviously does not excuse my actions, at least that’s the way the judge chose to see this.

While I will never agree with that phony, traditional, pathetically conformist twit, I realize that dark and shady, he provides the yin to my yang. You can’t have day without night and to have meaningful debate you can’t have a point without a counter point, even if said counter point is completely wrong.

I’m sorry Wilson, so please could you drop the charges?

It’s in your hands now.

On to this week’s point.

F**k the NRA
It was an interesting week in politics. In Santa Fe we have a congressional candidate starting his ad campaign with the message, F**k the NRA. I loved this! Finally, someone with the clear-cut sincerity to actually say what we have all been aching to hear. A straightforward person who is willing to see things for what they are and cut the crap. Plus, he’s a person with the street cred to back up what he is talking about. Pat Davis is a former police officer who currently serves on the Albuquerque City Council. Santa Fe, make the right choice and you will be in good stead.

Arthur Jones, White Supremacist
Arthur Jones, American Nazi Party

White Supremacist Running for Congress
While in Chicago, we have a district so democratically inclined that no GOP candidates will waste their time there, except one. Who is this rogue Republican you ask? None other than Arthur Jones, a white supremacist, former head of the American Nazi party and vehement Holocaust denier. WOW, what rock did he emerge from you might ask.

Ah, Illinois’ finest, Arthur Jones, an insurance agent who has photographs of himself on his campaign website, from his recent speech at the Aryan Nations World Congress. He says that “race mixing [is] against the laws of nature and God.”

Jones is not new to Chicago’s political arena. He has attempted to run for Congress no less than five times, going back to 1998. Previously, the Republican party challenged signatures on his petitions to run and successfully got him off the ballot. This year for the first time his petitions passed all tests. The GOP has denounced Jones’s candidacy, but says it had no way to stop him and he will probably be the only Republican on the ballot for the Chicago-area congressional seat in November. This has left Republican voters in the 3rd Congressional District frustrated, saying that for a few of them at least, they will be voting for the Democratic candidate for the first time.

In the spirit of my new, more tolerant persona, I leave you with two questions.

First, is it right to drop an f-bomb in your campaign ad? And second, is it right to allow someone to run for congress who is a member of a hate group?

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