Republicans Don’t Enjoy Being Referred to as Deplorable


First of all, no, I will not drop the charges, Taylor. You took my personal property and used it against me. That I could forgive, however. What I cannot overlook is your blatant censoring and rewriting of my counterpoint piece. So, I’m going to let you sit and reflect for a while. I’m picturing you in that ugly orange jumpsuit and laughing. The way I see it, you’re just one more liberal maniac off the street.

On to This Week’s Counter Point

I must say I am impressed with your meaty choice in topics this week. I assumed you would have written about a light weight topic like Michael Avenatti posting photos of Michael Cohen getting into an elevator with a Qatari banker who boasted about how he paid off Washington politicians. Perhaps you don’t know who the Qataris are? We’ll have to sit down one day so I can educate you on the political and financial groups of the world.

F*ck the NRA
Pat Davis Campaign ad

What is typical, is your endorsement of that foul-mouthed politician, Pat Davis, another supposedly well-informed candidate running on a platform that goes counter to the second amendment. That’s the right to bare arms for those liberals out there who have forgotten.

What is far more annoying however, is that you have selected one topic on which I am forced to agree with you. No, a white supremacist should not be a member of congress. Still, I cannot fault the Republican party. If Arthur Jones’s petitions passed the test then he must be allowed onto the ballot. Worry not America. The people of Chicago will make the right choice and, in this case, it is a hard one to make, electing a Democrat over a racist.

Why Don’t Conservatives Become Democrats if They Disagree

This leads me to an article I came across in the National Review, by Ben Shapiro, a couple of weeks ago. He posed the question, why don’t conservatives become Democrats if they disagree with the lack of moral character possessed by Donald Trump. The answer: because they still agree with the GOP program. This originally came from an article written by New York Magazine’s Jonathan Chait, who in turn was critiquing the ideas of slightly right-wing New York Times reporter, David Brooks. When you work for a newspaper like the New York Times, though, you undoubtedly qualify as a conservative if you wear and tie and polish your shoes regularly.

Brooks suggested that Democrats could have done a better job reaching out to Republicans. In contrast, Chait felt that Republicans showed a lack of unity. The idea of leaving the Republican Party because it’s rigid, poisonous and anti-intellectual is as unfathomable to Chait as a fish in a polluted waterway, choosing to live on land.

Why is it that so many Republicans who are disgusted by Trump’s immoral past and find his tweets insulting to the entire political process, will not join forces with the Democrats? Simply because Trump’s agenda is far more conservative than even the most conservative Democrat. The Republicans and the Democrats are more divided now than they have ever been. It is the Democrats’ extreme agenda that has widened this gap. The Republican platform has remained essentially the same. All support for the pro-life position, traditional marriage and patriotism issues like kneeling for the flag, is gone. Do we honestly expect an anti-abortion, traditional, homophobic, patriotic Republican to sacrifice conservative values simply because the president paid off a porn star?

It is no surprise that numbers aren’t skyrocketing for Democrats in congressional primary election polls. This isn’t because Trump is popular, or Republicans in Congress have done such a sensational job. It comes down to Democrats proclaiming that all Republicans are people who lack integrity. This is the same mistake that lost Hilary Clinton the election. Republicans don’t enjoy being referred to as deplorable.

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