The Talisman Portrait

Life Guide Talisman Portraits lead you back to your true self. Each remarkable painting tells a story, the extraordinary story of you. This portrait not only captures the very essence of who you are, but Life Guide Talisman Portraits capture the essence of who you may potentially become.

A hand painted Talisman Portrait comes with its own Life Guide and features you surrounded by your power symbols, each one a reminder of your talents and strengths as determined by your exact time of birth. 

Begin Your Talisman Portrait Adventure
Having your Talisman Portrait painted by Johanna Uribes is all about your complete ease, comfort and convenience. This experience is an unforgettable, luxurious event where you are the star, talking about your greatest triumphs, most interesting challenges and future desires. A Talisman Portrait is much more than just a beautiful painting. Seasoned artist, Johanna Uribes will portray your likeness as it comes alive on the canvas, capturing this exquisite moment in your lifetime.

The First Step, a Moment with the Artist
To begin your portrait you will have a moment with the artist, at the location of your choice*, enjoying delightful conversation about your likes and interests. Her relaxed manner will put you immediately at ease. This will include a short interview and conclude with Johanna taking a few reference photographs of you. As we all know, in our busy world, who actually has the time to sit still for multiple portrait painting sessions.

*If you are located in the San Francisco Bay Area. If not we can discuss your project via telephone.

Your Hand Painted Talisman Portrait
About three weeks after your initial meeting, Johanna will contact you with a preliminary layout of your Talisman Portrait. On approval, your painting will be ready for you to host your unveiling party, a wonderful opportunity to show your beautiful painting to all of your friends and family. In addition to the convenient delivery of your original Talisman Portrait, you will also be presented with your personalized Life Guide which tells the meaning of each symbol on your portrait painting and includes your personal birth chart. Your finished Talisman Portrait will arrive painted on museum quality canvas using archival,  environmentally friendly materials.

Framing and Delivery Services
Although your Talisman Portrait is painted on professional canvas in the gallery wrap style, making framing optional, Life Guide Talisman Portraits also offers optional, superior quality framing services for your finished painting as well as safe, secure delivery.

How to Get Started?
Call or email Johanna Uribes to set up your Moment with the Artist, receive a quote for your fine art portrait and begin this life changing process.

Each original art piece is created using environmentally friendly, archival materials and comes with a guarantee of complete satisfaction.