The Life Guide

To allow you to receive the full benefit of your power symbols, each Talisman Portrait comes with its own Life Guide, a custom made, beautifully hard bound life enhancing guidebook.

Each Personalized Life Guide includes:

• Meanings of all of the fascinating symbols in your Talisman Portrait

• Your personal birth chart created by our team of professional astrologers

• Information on your strengths, challenges and how to turn your challenges into strengths

• Health information on areas of sensitivity, the most healthful foods for you, specific herbs and spices that will benefit you the most

• Information about the most fulfilling careers for you to pursue as well as genuinely compatible personal and business relationships

All material is based on your exact birth time and location, for specific information about your past,  future projections and major transits.

We all go through life trying to do the best we can. During challenging times you may wonder why each of us doesn’t come with some sort of guide, like a manual or textbook.

Well now you do.

Life Guide Talisman Portraits Offer Enhanced Personal Knowledge

Your personalized Life Guide as the ideal companion to your Talisman Portrait, provides you with the precise personal knowledge to allow you to make more effective decisions in your life. Yet more importantly, the Life Guide will remind you of all the wonderful powers you naturally possess and possibly show you some you were not even aware of.

As you read your Life Guide and become reacquainted with your amazing talents, special abilities and astounding gifts, you will fall in love with you all over again.

An Amazing Time of Planetary Change

We are living in a time marked by some of the most amazing changes since the beginning of humankind’s first appearance on this planet. While no one can be sure of the precise changes that are about to take place as we shift into a new era of life, we can surmise that moving in the direction of expanded consciousness will be key. Learning who you really are as your authentic self is a positive step in that direction. Life Guide Talisman Portraits can provide this important first step.

How to get Started

To begin your Life Guide Talisman Portrait project simply call or email Johanna Uribes to begin this life changing experience.